साल 2024 में बजट अनुकूल मोबाइल

साल 2024 में गर्मी का विषय बहुत ज्यादा महत्वता बटोरता जा रहा है और देने का कारण सिर्फ इसकी बढ़ती मात्रा लेकिन एक ओर जहाँ गर्मी दिन बर बढ़ती जा रहा है वही एक विषय ऐसा भी है जिसके बारे में बात करना बहुत ही आवशयक बन जाता है और ये विषय है मोबाइल और … Read more

India vs Bangladesh T20 world cup yet to begin-trendalertdaily

T20 World Cup 2024, India vs. Bangladesh, is all set to held in Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in North Sound, Antigua, on Saturday, June 22nd. Rohit Sharma and his team are once again going to set fire on the ground against Bangladesh after the victory against Afghanistan and this will be India’s second match in … Read more

India, a hotspot of Air conditioners blast, 4 ways to prevent blast

Air conditioners blast has now become a general topic in the daily life of India. We are used to this massive Air conditioner (AC) blast which is taking place on alternate weekends and it is just happening due to the threat of hot weather in India, which reached 50 degrees, a big red yet dangerous … Read more