India, a hotspot of Air conditioners blast, 4 ways to prevent blast

Air conditioner burst

Air conditioners blast has now become a general topic in the daily life of India. We are used to this massive Air conditioner (AC) blast which is taking place on alternate weekends and it is just happening due to the threat of hot weather in India, which reached 50 degrees, a big red yet dangerous alert for people in India. This is going to raise high life issues for people living in India and is continuously affected by the extreme hot weather.

History of India noted his first ever dangerous & deadly summer season back in the year 1901, where temperature touched the level of approximately 40 degrees celsius, and according to the IMD (India Meterological Department), the year 2016 was the friendly yet warmest year for India in terms of summer season, Beside the year 2016, 2009, 2010 and 2015 were the years where people of India took a sigh of relief in summer seasons.

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Now the next turn has arrived, and the year 2024 is one of the eyewitnesses to the massive case of high temperatures in India after 123 years. Several states of India, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and many more states where the capital of India, Delhi, is at the top, are yelling about his critical condition in this hot yet dangerous summer season. Delhi witnessed the maximum level of heat in the past few days and on May 29, 2024, the level of heat touched 52.9 degrees Celsius. The Mungeshpur area, which lies in Delhi, was reported to be the most affected by heat waves in Delhi. The India government controlled NDMA (National Disaster Management Authority) began the process where they’re fabricating some fruitful action that will take place in this summer season for the welfare of members of India.

Recent Air conditioner blast in Gaziabad, India

Gaziabad Air conditioner blast in Vasundra Sector 13, Merlin Society.

A massive Air conditioner blast was reported in Gaziabad, Vasundra Sector 13, Merlin Society, on the 6th floor in flat no. 607 on Tuesday night. The reason behind this massive blast was the overheating of the air conditioner compressor, which triggered a major explosion.

According to the locals, the flat belongs to Dr. Anuj Kundaliya, who was living in the Merlinn society some years ago. “I was sitting in my drawing room and suddenly i noticed a fire break in the air conditioner’s compressor on the spot, i contacted the fire brigade,” said Dr. Kundaliya.

During the fire break,, heavy fire flames were rapidly spread in the nearby flats and buildings were filled with smoke. Families staying in the nearby flats suddenly walked out of the flats,, but some elderly people got injured, not majorly. A total of six people, Total 6 tender including Vaishali, Sahibabad and Kotwali, were sent to cool down the situation, no injuries were reported.

It wasn’t the first time Gaziabad witnessed a blast; according to the report, Gaziabad reported an air conditioner blast more than 518 times in the months of April and May of 2024, which included a vicious death through the air conditioner blast. A family of six members in Behat Hazipur died due to a short circuit in an air conditioner compressor, Behat Hazipur incident impacted the locals massively. The month of June is now in the midst of tremendous air conditioner blasts and it was reported that a fire broke in an air conditioner compressor on June 6.

Noida reported a similar Ac blast:

4 ways to prevent Air conditioner blast

AC blast prevention

Protect your family by following effective AC blast prevention

A. Regular service: After a couple of months, an air conditioner should perform a cleaning service activity by contacting a nearby ac service centre or finding one on Google Air Service near me. Conducting Air conditioner cleaning services reduces the risk of blockage of air and removes harmful substances such as dust. Owners should go for urban company ac service.;_ylu=Y29sbwMEcG9zAzEEdnRpZAMEc2VjA3Ny/RV=2/RE=1718904878/RO=10/

B. No overuse: Make sure you don’t keep the air conditioner switched on for more than 3 hours because, in this extreme heat, the compressor gets more heated and the chance of explosion becomes high. So keep your in built air conditioner timer on to prevent an air conditioner blast.

C. Trusted Company: Don’t involve yourself in the cheap rates of air conditioners; do buy from trusted yet verified AC companies such as Hitachi, Samsung, Lloyd and many more. These companies provide a handsome amount of service, which directly prevents massive risks.

D. Check voltage: Do check your home’s voltage supply;; sometimes high electric voltage may damage the ac compressor and lead to an an explosion. It totally depends on the bearing ability of the compressor but for safety, the AC owner should check the the electricity voltage and maintain it to prevent risks.

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