Maruti Suzuki swift 2024 new model price & information

maruti suzuki 2024 model

The month of June is a special month for every car lover because Maruti Suzuki has introduced his new Swift segment, A fresh new model of Maruti Suzuki Swift dzire has landed in the market with amazing ₹6.5 lakhs pricing. Maruti Suzuki’s Swift 2024 is considered a betterment for the cars that lie in the tiny segments and will be performing an effective role in promoting other small models in the eyes of the buyers. Before this new launch, Maruti Suzuki was the massive topic of discussion with their competitors, the Hyundai and Tata Tiago, among car lovers and people who were seeking to buy it. Maruti Suzuki Swift’s new model will create a big market as youth are bending towards vehicles and they’re enthuciast enough to purchase this new model of Swift. Without taking much time, let’s discuss the price and other crucial upgrades to the Maruti swift.

Maruti suzuki swift price 2024

Maruti Suzuki Swift new model price starts at 6.5 lakhs in India, which is actually a handsome amount of money. Buyers can visit their official website on Google to book their new Maruti Suzuki Swift model.

Maruti Suzuki Swift with a massive upgrade of 1.2 liters, 3 cylinders and a Z-series petrol engine.

Progress list of the Maruti suzuki swift new model 2024

A. Front and Rear Bumpers: Updated for a fresh look.
B. LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs): Modern and bright.
C. LED Projector Headlamps: Enhanced visibility and style.
D. Gloss Black Front Grille: Adds a sporty touch.
F. LED Fog Lights: Better visibility in foggy conditions.
G. 15-inch Diamond-Cut Alloy Wheels: Stylish and sporty.
H. LED Taillights: New design for a modern look.

Color upgradation

New Colors: Luster Blue and Novel Orange.
Other Colors: Sizzling Red, Pearl Arctic White, Magma Grey, and Splendid Silver.
Dual-Tone Options:
Luster Blue with Midnight Black Roof
Sizzling Red with Midnight Black Roof
Pearl Arctic White with Midnight Black Roof

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Maruti suzuki: CNG introduction

It isn’t officially confirmed by the makers of the maruti suzuki and more likely they won’t introduce the segment for CNG in the market. The reason behind them is that the makers have already introduced a new version of the engine, or, as they say, an upgrade in the quality of the engine. Previous models of Swift, such as the Swift base model, GLX, Sports, Hybrid and many more, have been introduced in the market with an attached CNG. This new generation model of Swift has a lucrative engine and I don’t think it will require CNG for betterment, Suzuki may announce an effective but efficient fuel system for the 2024′ Swift model.

Major engine upgrade: Z-series unit

One the biggest change that suzuki makers made with the new model of swift. Makers introduced the new Z-series unit engine as a replacement of their previous version of the K-12, new version of engine is similar to 1.2 liter displacement. Z-series unit assures their users to provide a fruitful amount of mileage along with best fuel quality, This new version of swift can provide a 25.75 kmpl fuel limit, as proven by ARAI milage test whose function is to examine the efficiency of electric vehicles.

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